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A certain amount of stress is normal for everyone, but too much can lead to health problems such as heart disease, mental illnesses, eating disorders, and drug and alcohol abuse. Here are some tips on managing stress:

  • It’s All About Attitude! If you see a situation as a challenge rather than a problem you will feel more positive toward resolving it
  • Relax! Go for a walk, listen to some music or try yoga or meditation for relaxation
  • Try to put things in perspective.  Ask yourself if it will matter in five years’ time
  • Take care of yourself! Make sure you eat right and exercise
  • Stay in the present and work toward the future. Everyone makes mistakes in life—the key is to not dwell on them
  • Plan and prioritise. If there’s one thing school teaches us, it’s to not leave everything until the last minute
  • Voice it! If you’re feeling a little stressed talk it out with a friend or family member; it’s amazing how others can put things in perspective for us

If you feel extremely stressed all the time and unable to cope with day-to-day life you need to see a health professional, such as a GP or someone at your local community health clinic, who will be able to devise a strategy especially for you.

  • Don't drink and drive or get in the car with a drunk driver - you could lose your licence or your LIFE!
  • Drink spiking happens. Always buy your own drink and keep it with you.
  • Drugs are illegal and dangerous. They may affect your health and safety, career and travel plans.
  • Know your limits. Limit your drinks; know their strength; have water between drinks; eat something; and remember that only time will make you sober.
  • Think before you drink. Underage drinking or possession of liquor in a public place can land you with an on-the-spot fine or in court.
  • No means NO. Unwanted or forced sexual behaviour is a crime.
  • Avoid violence. You have a choice! Walk away and avoid fights.
  • Walk safely. Stay on the footpath, cross only at pedestrian crossings or traffic lights and always walk with a friend or in a group.
  • Don't think you can fake it. Possessing a fake ID is illegal and attracts a fine.
  • Think before you act. What you choose to do at Schoolies can last a lifetime.